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holistic wellness

balance your body + mind + spirit

holistic counsellor
reiki master
handcrafted botanicals

natural health and

wellbeing consultant


Monique J Prior

Monique Prior Wellbeing Consultant Naturopath Nutritionist Herbalist Reiki Handcrafted Botanicals Flower Essences Essential Oils Holistic Lifestyle Coach

Holistic lifestyle mentoring includes: 

  • Food Choices;

  • Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (optional);

  • Herbal Medicine;

  • Flower Essences;

  • Reiki.


Health conditions addressed:

  • Thyroid conditions

  • Chronic Fatigue

  • Depression

  • Anxiety

  • Stress managment

  • Coughs + Colds

  • Digestive conditions

  • Heavy metal toxicity

  • Detox


If you have a strong desire and commitment to achieving your ultimate wellbeing,

call 0401-843-579 to make an appointment with Monique


Demartini Method Inspiring Life Empowering Emotions Conflict Resolution Stress Depression

Holistic counselling sessions are an effective way to help you 

bring balance and 

inspiration to your everyday life.


Learn how to: 


  • reduce stress

  • manage depression

  • deal with fears

  • build confidence

  • increas self worth

  • personal empowerment

  • resolve conflicts

  • clarity of purpose

  • new perspectives


Handcrafted Botanicals Natural Herbal Remedies Organic Wildcrafted Foraged Flower Essences Essential Oils Body Spa

Lovingly created to pamper your body, balance your mind and emotions and nourish your soul.


Handcrafted for you:

  • herbal teas

  • mists: body + home

  • creams to pamper, perfume, moisturize + soothe

  • flower essences

  • bath soaks

  • hand + body scrubs

  • lip balms


Each item is lovingly handcrafted in small batches from certified organic, chemical free, wildcrafted ingredients,homegrown plant medicines, premium salts and Australian Mineral Clays.

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