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"nature itself is the best physician" - Hippocrates!

>>> location for all workshops <<<

Upstairs Event Room

Revive Chiropractic & Integrated Therapies,

658 High Street, Reservoir Victoria 3073
(free street parking on Edgar Street)

>>> workshop times <<<

1pm - 4pm


>>>investment <<<


>>> reserve your place in one or more workshops now <<<

places are strictly limited


phone: 0401 843 579

essential oils discovery

date: March, Sunday 6th

>>> Learn how to use essential oils for health and wellness in the home, for yourself and loved ones.

>>> We will explore a variety of oils including their many uses plus quality and safety.

>>> Notes are included.

>>> Special wholesale prices available on the day.

winter kitchen wellness

date: May, Sunday 1st

>>> Learn how to make easy potent natural recipes to help boost immune health this winter.

>>> You will see how to use everyday ingredients to make herbal teas, fire cider & honey herbals (oxymels)

>>> Recipe sheets included.

>>> Learn specific self-empowerment tools to manage and move beyond stress,

>>> Learn specific self-empowerment tools to manage and move beyond stress, anxiety and depression.  

>>> Use these techniques anywhere in the world.

>>> HeartMath & Demartini Method® included.


>>> Learn how to make natural body care products for yourself or as gifts for loved ones.

>>> We will explore the magic of blending your own lip balms, body oils and essential oil creams.

>>> Take home an organic lip balm.

>>> Notes + Recipe sheets included.

handcrafting body care

self-empowerment tools

date: August, Sunday 28th

date: October, Sunday 30th

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