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Moroccan Rose Resin

Moroccan Rose Resin


rich, sweet and slightly spicy floral aroma


30g in a reusable glass tube


    Moroccan Rose resin is a luxurious and aromatic substance derived from the petals of the Damask rose (Rosa damascena) plant, which is native to Morocco. The resin is extracted from the petals using a process called steam distillation, resulting in a highly concentrated and fragrant oil.

    Prized for its rich, floral aroma that is both sweet and slightly spicy, when used for incense burning Moroccan Rose resin is believed to have calming and uplifting effects, reducing stress and anxiety as well as aphrodisiac properties, making it a popular choice for romantic settings.

    To use Moroccan Rose resin for incense burning, place a small piece of the resin on a hot charcoal disk. When lit, the resin will release a fragrant smoke that is sweet, floral, and uplifting.


    >>> please note <<<

    This product was handcrafted to be part of a healthy + magickal lifestyle, not to diagnose, treat or cure any disease. If unsure, taking medication, pregnant or breastfeeding, please consult your health professional before consuming.



    You are responsible for checking customs to ensure this product is permitted. No refunds or responsibility will be taken on your behalf. Please check before ordering to avoid disappointment. Thank you.




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